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Welcome to The “Basic ” Wardrobe Guide. At Jakswear we are hoping to help men to dress better at an affordable cost. This is a closet made for somebody who is new to dressing better. It is basic, essential, and all items are available at reasonable prices. It is made for somebody who generally wears easygoing clothes and doesn’t have to spruce up that much. Items can be swapped easily and still go well together.
If you are just getting started, this guide is a good spot to begin. This is basically a shopping list.

There’s a huge amount of space to develop from here. This is far, a long way from the be-all-end-all closet. It is important to know the fit and the color. The most significant aspect is nailing the fit. That implies your shoulder creases ought to be found precisely where your shoulders are, your body should not stress against the texture, and your jeans should just touch your shoes (utilize a half-break), among others. Light hues and neutrals, for example, white, dark, and light blue are default go to colors. Remembering these, any shirt or base you choose to wear in the first part of the day will in all likelihood pair well together. 1. Basic T-Shirts Guide Start with a plain crew-neck T-shirt in white or gray. A crew-neck T-shirt in a streamlined fit is best. Its plain appearance makes it ideal for dressing up or down. You can wear these with a pair of dark jeans for a workwear-inspired look or layer it under a sport coat and trousers for cocktails. In white or gray, this T-shirt will go with most colors but experiment with other toned down colors such as earth greens or deep maroons. Check out our T's which are a a great fit in grey or white at only 80 dhs is a great basic for your wardrobe.

2. Basic Button-Down Shirts Guide Oxford button-down shirts should be purchased in white and light blue. It is important to have a casual shirt. Even if you think you’re the most casual guy ever, this will come in handy for any smart casual event you need to attend, from brunch to a night at the bar with your mates. Be sure to get one in white and also light and dark blue for a subtle play on colors. When layering, opt for a sweater or a sweatshirt in gray, oatmeal, navy, or maroon. Jaks button down shirt is available at only 95 AED.
3. Basic Jeans Guide Jeans are the most versatile and durable piece of clothing you will own. When buying jeans look for un-distressed in dark indigo or black. The moment denim fades it loses its ability to be worn in business casual situations but this does not mean they can be worn in casual environment. Dark, straight-leg jeans are an appropriate choice for smart casual occasions. You can pair these with oxford button-down shirts and Chelsea boots or loafers. For a more casual look, these will pair with your crew T-Shirts and white sneakers as well.
4. Basic Trousers Guide Chinos should be in dark blue, olive or caramel. These work well for nice nights out or for business casual environments at work. Chinos in olive and caramel make for versatile choices. Should you find the need to wear a belt, get a plain one in a medium brown color.
Jakswear has a lovely range of very affordable trousers at only 120AED
5. Basic Shorts Guide Opt for flat-front chino shorts. Never go for cargo shorts unless you plan to go camping or hiking. For casual days strolling around the city, opt for flat-front (no pleats) chino shorts in olive, grey, khaki, or navy. These colors will work with any kind of print or hue, so you won’t have to worry about deciding what shirt to put on in the morning but Feel free to wear with a crew-neck tee, an oxford button-down shirt, or a polo shirt. 6. Basic Jackets Guide You will need a few light jacket for spring and fall. If shopped right, these can still be pretty affordable. For brisk breezes, a light jacket will keep you warm. Consider smart yet functional options such as a denim jacket, a bomber jacket, a Harrington jacket, or a chore coat.
Click here to explore some of our capsule range today. Whats more Jakswear offers free next day delivery throughout Dubai.

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